Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally made it back here!!
What a crazy month it has been in my world, I have been working hard to get an exhibit together of all of my dolls and get that set up. I have designed a new series especially for the exhibit called Garden Trolls. They measure approximately 6-7 inches each, they are whimsical little creatures from my imagination. Have ever set down your little shovel, or packet of seeds and then only moments later discover that they are not where you left them?Or how about that watering can running off on its own......? Well, I think its the garden trolls, they sneak in, and take great pleasure in rearranging your tools and seeds. So this little series is all about them.

I didn't have time to take a pile of good pictures before setting up the exhibit, so I will have to post some new and better ones in October when the exhibit comes home.
Here are a few pictures anyways....

This little guy (below) hasn't quite been finished, no clothes yet! oops...

Sorry the pictures aren't of the greatest quality, but hopefully you get an idea of gross they each are! ha ha
Did you catch the one with my dog who decided he would also like to be in the picture with the little troll sleeping in the shovel he stole?
These will be set up for the months of June, July and August, in the display cubes at the QEII hospital. I also have a display for a few of my larger art dolls, as well as a large display of my babies in McKenzie Place.
Also, I entered the pictures of the first two trolls at the top, in the Global Dolls Artist annual contest and won 1st place! Thanks to the coordinator's of the contest for putting it on, I really appreciate you choosing my characters.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you will drop in again very soon.

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