Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally back!

Hi, and thanks for stopping by
Sorry its been so long since I wrote on here, since starting my new business with the nails, I haven't had much time to sculpt, but am getting back into the groove now.
I'm very excited to share my newest collection with everyone called "Dew Drops". Tiny sleeping fairy babies, wrapped up in a leaf covered in dew. The OOAK figurines have been sculpted and hand painted to add depth and realism to each.

Sweet little faces so peaceful in slumber.....

Who could resist these little sweeties, tiny bums in the air, and little leaf sleeping caps....

I will be adding this new series onto my website very soon, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.
I will also be heading back to ebay very soon, and hope to see you all there! Just click on the link provided here to find me.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm still around........

Hi Everyone...
I thought I would take a few minutes and let anyone who is interested know where I have been and what I've been up too.
I have recently decided to sign up for a course and try to make a bit of money that way. The sculpting world is a wonderful place, but hard to make enough money that we don't need a second job to help make ends meet. So I have pondered for a long while on how I could still sculpt and make some extra money to help with the bills. I decided what that would be while driving in town the other day and saw a sign advertising a course on nail enhancements. I checked around and signed up at a great school and am taking both acrylic as well as the gel nails. It is a two month course, and does not allow time for sculpting while I'm working at that, so it will be a while before I do any more babies to put on ebay.
I have also been working at promoting the children's book I've illustrated, so that has taken up quite a bit of time as well.
I hope everyone is doing well, I look forward to putting new babies on ebay soon and getting back into the clay!
Have a super day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is in the air!!
It's another beautiful morning here where I am, and Easter Sunday to top it all off, how could it get any better than that!

Our snow is melting, and the geese are flying back after their winter vacation in the south. There is nothing better in the spring, to hear the honks of the geese overhead, then we know it is truly spring, and the long winter is at an end at last.
I have been busy making to speak, or should I say "sculpting babies", and have had another great week on eBay with little Randy shown below.

This little guy was just a pleasure to make, with his big blue eyes staring back at me as he came to life. He measures around 6 inches, and will soon be flying off to his new home in Australia. I wish I could take him personally and visit there, it looks like an interesting place to visit.

I was supposed to be off to Ontario at the end of the month to teach a couple classes at the Canadian Doll Artist Association Conference, but found out just the other day that the entire conference has been canceled for this year due to low registration. Which makes sense, since so many of us can't afford to attend shows like that. The conference will be held next year still, and the good news is that it will be bigger and better since there is now a whole year to plan events and for people to save up for it.

I am now off to Edmonton, AB at the end of April to help promote our new children's book at the annual Spring Sale at the Butterdome. We will be there April 30th - May 2nd, we will have our very unique booth set up there, with a life size version of the Stibil Forest, complete with trees, and even Synni will be there to greet people who stop by.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather as much as I am, thanks for stopping by, and please take a moment and visit my websites for my sculpting, as well as the new children's book. Links on on the left side of the page.

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Already March!!!

Wow, its hard to believe its already March, where do the days go?!
So many new things have happened since January! Where to begin. I've recently started needle felting little bears, I have a new series of babies called "Winglings" and I am off to teach at the Canadian Doll Artist Association Conference this year.
First I would like to show you my newest series called:

These unique One of a Kind Original full body figures will be available to bid on ebay starting March 16 2010. This will be a numbered series, so stop by and be one of the first to own a little Wingling today!!
**Click on the ebay logo below to go straight to my auctions.**

"You know you want one!!!"
I have recently discovered the fun art of needle felting, and have been creating miniature bears as well. These are also something new I am offering on ebay right now.
My bears generally measure around 2.5 - 3 inches tall sitting, and are a great addition to any collection.
Visit my website to see more pictures.

As usual, I've been busy making my OOAK soft body babies, and as you can see below I have also made a couple tiny miniature full body babies too.Each type holds a new challenge, and I do love to change it up a bit and try new things.
Below is a picture of two little ones sold on ebay , their names are "Mia and Mason". They have gone to collectors, who I hope will enjoy them.

I've also been busy with some new accessories kits that include a bottle, blanket, soother and tiny book, fashioned after my new children's book I've illustrated called, The Stibil Forest Adventures.

Thanks for stopping by to see "whats new"

Have a super day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know I haven't written on here for a long while, but I hope you enjoy the new pictures I've added to the site.
The new children's book that I have illustrated, is now in print and ready for purchase on the website.
I can't tell you how exciting it is to have the book finished and up for sale. It was a long labour of love, and took almost 2 years from start to completion.
Not only do we have the book for purchase, the author, Cheryl Schenk has also created a CD which is her narration of the book, complete with background sound effects!
If you haven't already visited The Stibil Forest Adventures website, I urge you to stop by for a visit and learn more about this book.
All the pictures for the book have been created with my sculptures, and is a truly unique experience.

Here is little Chrissy, she is appr. 6 inches, and just so sweet.

Shanequa is a 9" OOAK sculpture, what a sweet handful.

This little girl was adopted by my Mom, it was love at first site!

Jon was a joy to create, with his sweet little yawning face.

Onjalee was always trying to pull off that little hat of hers!

Chance has such big eyes, who wouldn't love him.

I really enjoyed creating Nate, with his soft features and sweet nature.