Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meet the beautiful troll lady.."Soria Moria"!!

"Soria Moria"

A troll of unquestionable beauty!!
You may not think she is the most adorable creature you have ever seen, but to her fellow trolls, she is beyond beautiful, she is a site to behold! With flowing lavender and mint green hair, and painted ruby red lips, what troll could possibly turn away from such an exquisite creature as "Soria Moria".

She wears a simple outfit, but anything more would just be showing off in front of the other troll ladies! She does however, take particular care of her finger and toe nails, making sure they are always painted to match her flowing mane.

This One of a Kind creation was sculpted from Prosculpt, and was such a fun project to do!


I also wanted to say a big "Thank you " to everyone who has purchased a baby from me on e bay! I really appreciate it, and look forward to creating many more "One of a Kind" items to sell there.


Sold last week on e bay were:

Little "Emmy"

and..... Little "Bao-Yu"

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