Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hope you had a Happy Halloween Everyone !

I hope everyone had a spooky Halloween!

I was busy getting into the spirit of the season, and completed my very first "life sized sculpt" .

Her name is "Violca", she is from the old country, and is a true "One of a Kind" witch.

Her head has been sculpted over a skull made of tin foil covered by Magic Sculpt, and the eyes have been sculpted and hand painted by myself.

Her long creepy hands have been constructed of tubing and wire, all covered with Magic Sculpt and then sculpted over with polymer clay.

After the sculpting was done and baked, I spent a couple days just painting her to look more realistic, including tiny veins on her hands, as well as age spots everywhere.

She is was sitting in The Centre for the Creative Arts in Grande Prairie, AB.

I had so much fun making this sculpture, and hope you enjoy seeing her.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween !!

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