Friday, August 8, 2008

Grandma Sami

"Grandma Sami"

I wanted to share some pictures of my finished art doll that I made at the Jack Johnston doll making course held in Calgary in June.

This wonderful lady is a recreation of an old Sami woman, from Norway. I sculpted the face and body while at the course in June, I then did some research on these interesting people and hand sewed the costume as close to the pictures as I could. She is shown here sewing beads on a leather mitten for one of her grandchildren.

She has been sculpted from Pro sculpt, her dress is royal blue velvet, with red cotton accents, and finished with lots of embroidery.

I hope she embodies the spirit of these remarkable people, and that you enjoy the pictures of her.

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BabesbyBarb said...

Love Grandma Saint

BumbleVee said...

hi Chris...

love how your Sami lady turned out... the costume is exactly what I remember from the Olympic pictures .... the first time I saw them with their reindeer ...

I didn't realize how much sculpting you had already are a busy gal.....